This Web page is in support of my hobbies of Computers, Genealogy, and Photography. I was first interest in photography in high school when I got a Kodak camera, and over the years, I have taken many pictures of family, headstone, landscape, and other item of interest to me. I was first introducing to the computer world while in the Air Force, but I did not get real interested in computer until I was in collage. The byproduct of, my interest in computers is the maintenance of MOGenWeb Clark County Project Web page, and the use of genealogy program to track my ancestor.

My Family Tree


[Hartman - Barber]

[Hartman, Black] - [Barber, Schuster]

[Hartman, Barnard], [Black, Viers] – [Barber, Hottel], [Schuster, Blizzared]

[Hartman, Schisler], [Barnard, Schaffr], [Black, Foree], [Viers, Irwin] – [Barber, McMillian], [Hottel, Snider], [Schuster, Bruner], [Blizzard, Brown]

For additional information on a person in the family tree. You will find my e mail address is at the bottom of the page. Please give me the ID # of the person and what data you need.

My family tree can be seen at: http://mogenclark.com/hartbarb/index.htm

USGenWeb Project

USGenWeb, MoGenWeb, and MoGenWeb Clark County Project Web pages are listed below, with a brief description of what can be found.

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The USGenWeb pages has links to all associate web site, history of the USGenWeb, and other information.

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The MOGenWeb pages has links to all of the Missouri County, and the links to our neighboring states, history of MOGenWeb and links to the state of Missouri Web page.

MoGenWeb Clark County Project

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